Don't go Broke this Summer

Summer can be an expensive time of the year, with sun-seekers jetting abroad for exotic holidays and parents trying to keep the kids occupied for days on end while school is out. So remembering the importance of managing your budget and keeping track of where your cash is going is vital to enjoying worry-free fun in the warmer months.

Of course even the most frugal people can find that their best laid plans fall apart in the face of unexpected disasters. The loss or theft of a valuable gadget can be an all too common example of this. And with so many people gallivanting around the globe with their smartphones, laptops and headphones in tow, accidental damage is another major issue that a significant percentage of holidaymakers will overlook.

With that in mind, getting insurance for your precious gadgets with may be a sensible idea. Here are some of the main advantages that our packages offer so that you don’t go broke this summer.

Safer Travel

Going on holiday with one or two gadgets to keep you occupied and to actively enhance your trip is a staple of modern travel. But by leaving your home turf, you expose these devices to a host of fresh threats which might end up costing you a pretty penny. From water damage caused by over zealous splashing by the poolside, to gadgets stolen by opportunistic thieves while you are sitting outside a Parisian cafe, the potential for holiday misery has been proven time and time again. And if you do not have insurance, then you will need to pay the full cost of replacing or repairing your gadget. And at the worst possible time.

If you are a customer then the good news is that you are covered for up to 90 days of overseas travel each year, enabling you to make a claim if catastrophe strikes when you are outside of the UK. And of course if you opt for a stay-cation in order to save money, then you can take advantage of as much domestic protection as you like.

Accidental damage, mechanical breakdown and fraudulent use are all covered by our standard policies, with overseas cover also included as standard. You can add loss and theft cover as optional extras if you think that you may need them.

Flexible Costs

In addition to enjoying a selection of different cover levels, our customers can choose to pay for their gadget insurance on a monthly basis with a rolling contract, or to pay upfront for annual cover. This is a great way in which to make sure that you can manage your money effectively, choosing an approach which best suits your current circumstances.

The pay monthly option has the advantage of letting you keep your cover for as long as you want, while the annual cover adds further savings because a month of cover is included free of charge. So you enjoy 12 months of gadget insurance for the price of 11.

Finally, if you have several gadgets that are in need of protection then you can take advantage of our multi-gadget discounts, further helping in your quest to stay in the black this summer.