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Technology plays an increasingly significant part in all of our lives. Whether it’s a smartphone that’s rarely out of our hands, a laptop that stores all of our most important documents or a tablet that’s become an invaluable travel companion, our favourite gadgets are more important to us than ever before.

As with all the most important things in our lives it makes sense that we should want to protect our treasured devices. Unfortunately the more we use them and the more desirable they become, we cannot foresee unfortunate situations that may occur. This is where gadget insurance from comes in. blog

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The world’s first foldable smartphone has suffered a serious setback. Samsung has postponed the intended release in the wake of serious technical flaws that were revealed in the Galaxy Fold after early examples were handed out to reviewers. The flurry of negative press surrounding the handset was so significant for a number of reasons, not […]

Cutting edge material will make next-gen smartphones less prone to overheating

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Gaming phone from Xiaomi announced

Any modern mobile could be considered a gaming phone, given the widespread availability of interactive apps and the surprising power that today’s handsets pack within their ever-growing dimensions. However, some manufacturers realise that there is a lot to be gained from targeting the niche of hardcore gamers; hence the rise of devices which are tailored […]