Best gadgets for ski and boarding freaks

In the words of Jon Snow, winter is coming. That means darker, longer nights and the glimmering hope of summer holidays feeling further away than ever. For some, though, the colder months hold a joy all of their own, as when the snow starts to fall on far off mountains, the time to hit the slopes for some skiing and snowboarding action has returned. If you love carving up the white stuff on two wooden planks or one, these are the gadgets that we recommend you take with you on your mountain adventure this year.

GoPro Hero 5 Black

The current range-topping action camera in the venerable GoPro stable is a must-have for any winter sports fan who wants to capture every second of the action they experience while out and about. Built for 4K video recording, this model comes with an integrated LCD screen on the front which provides an instant overview of things like battery life, storage space, recording time and capture settings, for the sake of convenience. It has a waterproof case included as part of the package, allowing it to survive even if it ends up 60 metres underwater. If you live an active life, this will be a great year round investment. Just remember that with insurance, you can protect this and other gadgets against serious disasters.

Smith Optics I/OX Elite Turbo Fan Goggles

These goggles are designed to help skiing fanatics who have to wear glasses at all times see clearly, while keeping their essential eyewear in place and free from damage. A pair of lenses are included with the goggles, meaning it is easy to replace the original ones when necessary, without paying extra. As the name suggests, they come with built in fan system which extracts moist air and prevents the lens from fogging up even on the coldest days. Unlike more affordable models, the fan is not a noisy distraction, but does its work almost silently.

Outdoor Tech Wireless Chips

Snowboarders who wear helmets to protect their heads but still want to enjoy their favourite tune while pulling off gnarly tricks will want to invest in headphones that fit in with this sensible setup. Outdoor Tech is one of the few companies to have truly embraced this part of the gadget market. Its wireless Chip speakers operate over a Bluetooth connection, making them compatible with most smartphones and media playback devices. They can be inserted into the ear sections of the majority of helmets on the market today, although some models may require a little experimentation in order to get the position correct. Internal rechargeable batteries allow them to work for several hours without any issues - more than long enough to last for a day on the slopes. They are also resistant to water, but should not be completely submerged as their design does not allow for total liquid protection.

SunYounger portable charger

This rugged portable charging device includes an integrated solar panel, allowing it to harness the sun’s energy to charge up its internal 20,000mAh battery, even if a mains supply is not available. It can then be connected to a range of other gadgets, from smartphones and tablets to wireless headphones and cameras, so that they too can be recharged while you are out and about. With a waterproof, durable design, this is the ideal accessory for outdoor types.