Best smartphones for accident-prone people

Smartphone ownership can be fraught with hazards, especially if you are a naturally accident-prone person who has often ended up doing serious damage to your handset without meaning to. While the days of the seemingly indestructible Nokia 3310 are long gone, there are still modern mobiles which are built to withstand whatever punishment is thrown at them and still come back fighting. Here are just a few of the top devices to pick if you are worried about dropping, smashing or submerging your smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Not only is it consistently rated as one of the best mobile phones in the world at the moment, but the Galaxy S7 from Samsung is also amongst the most durable, at least when it comes to resisting liquid spills, outdoor use and any damage that might normally be caused by bringing an electronic device into contact with water. Its chassis is certified to IP68 standards, meaning it can resist liquids and dust. Unlike some other waterproof handsets, its ports are sealed rather than requiring separate covers, so you don’t need to remember to close them up before taking a dip. Whether you want to keep your mobile safe from harm or even do a little underwater photography, the Galaxy S7 is a cutting edge option to consider.

Caterpillar S60

If waterproofing is not enough for what you have in mind, the S60 from machinery maker Caterpillar could bring the right level of toughness to the table. It can withstand repeated drops onto a hard surface from heights of 1.8 metres, meaning you could hold it to your ear, let it go and allow it to tumble onto a stone floor before picking it up and resuming your conversation uninterrupted. This makes it more rugged than required by even global military organisations, which is an impressive fact in its own right. It also comes with a built-in thermal imaging camera - a unique feature which enables it to detect heat signatures and gives it a bundle of practical and commercial applications, aside from being an everyday smartphone for personal use.

Toughphone Defender 2

Another super robust smartphone like the S60 is the Defender 2 from Toughphone, which features a 4.5 inch touchscreen display, 4G mobile networking, a giant 3500mAh battery for all day use and even a push to talk button on the side which means that it can effectively double up as a walkie-talkie replacement. It even has NFC built in, so that it can interact with contactless communications hubs and payment systems. Based on the Android operating system, it provides a comprehensively modern smartphone experience while factoring in IP68 certification to prevent damage from water and dust occurring. On the rear is a 13 megapixel camera, which takes surprisingly high quality photos and video. There is even a microSD memory card slot, so that the onboard storage can be expanded and users can get even more room for all of their files, folders, apps and games. Dual SIM slots allow for two SIM cards to be used simultaneously. There is even an SOS button which users can hit in the event of an emergency to get help when they most need it, such as when they are stranded out in the wilderness.