How much is a screen replacement on the top gadgets?

Broken screens are a big problem for millions of gadget fans, taking the fun out of owning a smartphone or tablet in an instant. Even if you take precautions to protect your devices, it is all too easy for damage to occur accidentally and without warning. So how much does it cost to replace the screen of some of the most popular gizmos? Here are the often frighteningly high figures you could face for repairs after a smash.

iPhone & iPad

The cost of replacing the screen of an iPhone through Apple’s official service will vary depending on the model in question and whether or not it is still supported by the manufacturer. The older iPhone 6 and iPhone SE handsets come with a flat replacement fee of £136.44, the newer iPhone 6S, 7 and 8 cost £156.44 to fix and the larger iPhone 6S Plus, 7 Plus and 8 Plus come with a hefty £176.44 price attached.

These fees apply if the device is no longer under warranty, or the damage caused is not covered by the standard warranty. In this case, having insurance will be a big help, as it will help to absorb a lot of this expense, rather than leaving you to foot the bill on your own. The iPad range has bigger, more expensive screens, with official replacement costs ranging from £196.44 to £556.44 for the iPad Pro.

Samsung Galaxy Range

As with Apple’s smartphones, the amount you will have to pay to replace the screen on a Galaxy-branded device from Samsung will vary depending on its size and the technology behind the display itself.

The most basic Galaxy-branded models will have screen replacement costs of between £100 and £150, with both first and third party services available to achieve this. For the larger, more expensive phones, like those with curved screens in the Galaxy Edge range, you can expect to pay almost twice as much, because the hardware itself is so valuable.


When it comes to accepting that customers can damage devices through no fault of their own, HTC has proven itself to be one of the more generous and understanding mobile manufactures around. As part of its ‘Uh Oh’ protection scheme, certain new models are eligible for one-time replacement, as long as a claim is made within the first year of being purchased.

This offer is only applicable to its very latest smartphones, like the HTC U Ultra, so it is worth checking to see which models are eligible before you buy. There are also extensive terms and conditions to consider. If the protection is no longer applicable, then you can expect to pay similar amounts for screen replacement through the firm’s official repair channels.


Like Samsung and HTC, there are a wide variety of smartphone models produced by Sony, which makes it hard for it to be specific about repair and replacement costs for individual models. In the event that your screen is damaged, contacting the company directly will be necessary, as it will then provide you with a quote for the cost of fixing it, if it is not covered by the warranty. The price you are quoted will cover everything including parts and shipping, so there are no extra fees to worry about.

Other options

Whichever make or model of smartphone you choose, there are a host of other ways to get it repaired if the screen is damaged or anything else goes wrong. Hundreds of companies competing for your custom will claim to be able to fix all sorts of hardware issues, with prices often varying significantly. This can result in a lot of confusion, which is where having mobile phone insurance is a real advantage. An insurer like will be able to take care of all the complicated bits and let you get on with enjoying your mobile hassle-free.