Insure your Apple Devices

Apple is one of the world’s most valuable companies, and for good reason. It has managed to repeatedly reshape the tech market and capture the imaginations of millions of consumers with a wide range of products. And because its products carry premium price tags, getting Apple insurance from could be the best way to avoid the expense associated with repairing a damaged device or getting it replaced in the event of loss or theft. It is impossible to foresee the disasters which might befall your favourite Apple gadget, but everyone knows the risks. So rather than leaving yourself exposed, our insurance could be a great way to cover yourself against all eventualities.

Our cover includes
  • Accidental Damage - Smashes, bashes, scrapes, cracks, bends, liquid immersion and other common causes of damage which routinely affect Apple gadgets can be repaired with the help of insurance.
  • Theft - If someone steals your iPhone, iPad, iPod or MacBook, we will replace it.
  • Loss - Should you lose an Apple gadget that is insured with us, a replacement will be provided.
  • Mechanical Breakdown - Apple devices are not without their imperfections and if the manufacturer’s warranty has expired or does not cover a particular fault, a insurance policy will cover repair or replacement costs instead.
  • Deliberate Damage - Damage done to your gadget deliberately by a third party can be covered by insuring it with us.
  • Unauthorised Use - Charges that you incur as a result of someone using your iPhone to make calls, send texts or use mobile data without your permission can be reimbursed under the terms of our Apple insurance policy.
  • Worldwide Cover - Go globetrotting with your Apple device and we will still protect it from the risks it may face, providing repairs and replacement services when you return. Up to 90 days of overseas use can be covered for each 12 month period.
  • Family Cover - Your family members that permanently live under the same roof as you can use your insured Apple gadgets and still benefit from the same comprehensive protection if a claim needs to be made.
Excess charges

All our Apple insurance policies are subject to the same excess charges if you ever need to make a claim, which is consistent with that you would expect to find across the industry. A flat £50 excess fee is applicable for claims relating to accidental damage, theft and mechanical breakdown. This rises to £75 for claims made after loss. Any claim made for incidents which occur overseas, as part of our worldwide cover feature, are also subject to a £75 excess. For policies under which more than one gadget has been covered, each affected item is subject to its own excess charge.

Before you take out a policy

To insure any Apple gadget with us requires that it has been purchased in the UK, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands within the past 18 months. You must retain the proof of purchase in order to make a claim. If making a claim after loss or theft, you need to report the incident to the police and receive either a lost property or crime reference number as appropriate, which you can provide to us so that we can process your case. Devices which are older than 18 months or which were purchased second hand are not eligible for cover with us. You can make up to two claims to replace your Apple gadget for each 12 month period of insurance. After taking out a policy with us, there is an initial 14 day cooling-off period during which it is not possible to make a claim, but you can still cancel your insurance to get a complete refund. If you buy rolling monthly cover, you can still cancel at any point after this 14 day initial period, but you will not be eligible for a refund.