Packing gadgets safely for the hold

In these times of global instability, the rules governing what you can and cannot take with you in your hand luggage when you travel by plane have been tightened. Unsurprisingly, there are different rules depending on the countries that you are travelling to or returning from. Gadget lovers are especially impacted by these changes in legislation, with the size and type of the device in question determining whether or not it is allowed in the cabin or must be stowed in the aircraft's hold.

Check the government's guidelines carefully before you travel to avoid disappointment, as there are lots of variable rules to take into account. For example, at the moment you cannot travel back from Turkey, Egypt or Tunisia with a device that is longer than 16cm, wider than 9.3cm and thicker than 1.5cm. Heading back from these popular holiday destinations with most modern laptops in the cabin is not an option because of these restrictions. So what can you do to keep your precious gadgets safe, if you are packing them in your suitcase and consigning them to the bowels of the plane, rather than keeping them close at hand throughout the flight?

Suitcase investment

Buying a sturdy suitcase to take travelling with you is essential, whether you are flying in Europe or heading out on a round the world trip. Although the temptation to save money in this area is great, especially in an age of online shopping when finding a cheap and cheerful bag is easier than ever, this would put your electronic devices at risk of damage. You should think of a suitcase as a long term investment and purchase a model which features a rigid outer shell, rather than one which is only made from soft, flimsy material. Hard bodied suitcases can take plenty of punishment as they travel through airport baggage systems while protecting their contents. If you have to pack your tablet or laptop, this will be a boon.

Sensible packing steps

To maintain the integrity of your gadgets in the hold of a plane, make sure you pack them in your suitcase in such a way that they are unlikely to suffer the most common types of damage. Ramming them in tightly in an overstuffed bag will surely lead to disaster, as will leaving them rattling around in a half-empty bag. You should also think about their proximity to substances which are potentially hazardous to their sensitive internal components, such as toiletries and other liquids. Many people will have opened their suitcase after a flight to find shampoo everywhere after an unfortunate bottle explosion. One answer to this is to wrap your gadgets in a waterproof layer, whether a simple plastic bag, a roll of bubble wrap or a dedicated carry case which can sit within the larger bag.

When all else fails, the best solution is to get gadget insurance and travel safe in the knowledge that even if disaster strikes while you are on the move, you can make a claim when you return home.