The Samsung Galaxy S9 - what to expect

Later this month, the latest flagship smartphone range from Samsung is set to be revealed. So what can fans expect from the Galaxy S9, and will it be the best handset of 2018?

Scan the horizons

A lot of discussion has focused on the type of display that the S9 will feature at launch. But in spite of some fairly outlandish rumours, it is looking more and more likely that it will retain a very similar panel to that of its predecessor. Where the S9 might break the mould is in terms of what else its curved 5.8 inch Super AMOLED screen can do, such as offer a fingerprint scanner that is seamlessly integrated with the display itself. So rather than relegating this to the rear of the phone, it will be featured on the front surface, but it will be entirely invisible to the naked eye. This will allow the screen to take up more room without massively increasing the handset's dimensions. Certain sources have contradicted claims that a hidden fingerprint scanner is on the way, but chipmaker Qualcomm has already debuted this technology, so there is no reason that Samsung could not adopt it, in theory.

Delightful design

Various leaks and rumours have emerged in recent weeks, suggesting that the Galaxy S9 will push the envelope in terms of styling. Its chassis should be essentially the same size as that of the S8, if a little shorter, while the dominance of the display up front will mean that there is almost nothing to draw the user's attention away from the on-screen action. Just a slim portion at the top, where the front-facing camera lenses and sensors lie, will disrupt the sleek flow. Earlier Galaxy models have come in several different colours and the S9 will be no different. Insiders have claimed that an all-new purple version is on the cards, sitting alongside its more reserved black and silver counterparts. Other design features being brought across from last year's models include waterproofing and dust-resistance. So for people who are constantly getting their phone wet, the S9 will be more resilient than most. Cheap phone insurance will still be worth nabbing, especially as even the cheapest version of this device will cost the best part of £700. With mobile phone insurance covering accidental damage and mechanical failure, all bases will be covered.

Snap happy

Photography has been a strong point for the Galaxy range for some time now, so the likelihood of even better camera tech appearing on the S9 will not surprise long-time users. The headline feature of the camera could be its ability to record video clips with HDR applied, meaning that they will look even better on the latest TVs and monitors. No other smartphone offers this potential at the moment, so the S9 will be a market leader at launch. Dual lenses on the rear will take stills with resolutions of up to 12 megapixels, while the selfie camera above the screen has an 8 megapixel sensor, if current reports are accurate. All will become clear on the 25 February 2018 when the S9 is launched, alongside its big brother, the S9 Plus. It will go on sale in the UK a few weeks later, giving buyers plenty of time to get gadget insurance to protect it.