Why should I insure my Laptop?

56 per cent of UK adults own a laptop, according to Ofcom figures. This means that there are quite literally millions of people across the country who rely upon this technology to manage most of their work and leisure computing activity. And whether you use a MacBook for work, or a Windows-powered machine to shop online while watching TV, insuring it will prevent misfortunes, including damage or theft, from taking it out of action. Laptop insurance from gadgetbuddy.com will also mean that your home contents insurance will not take the hit if you need to make a claim. This may prevent a hike in premiums while still enabling you to repair or replace your portable personal computer.

You will be covered against

Accidental Damage

Should you break your laptop, perhaps as a result of a drop or scrape, gadgetbuddy.com will cover the expense of getting it repaired.

Theft (Silver and Gold policies only)

You're covered on Silver and Gold policies if your device is stolen. Where only part or parts of your device have been stolen, we will only replace that part or parts.

Liquid damage

Should fluids find their way into the body of your laptop and cause some damage, it will be repaired for you.

Worldwide Cover

With cover from gadgetbuddy.com you will benefit from laptop travel insurance for any trips you take to destinations outside of the UK.

Mechanical Breakdown

You can make a claim if your laptop stops working as a result of a hardware malfunction, with the costs for repair covered. This applies even if it is outside of the manufacturer’s warranty period.

Family Cover

Other members of the household, including spouses, children and parents, can use your laptop. It will still be protected by your gadgetbuddy.com policy.

Are there any excess charges?

up to £100 UK Excess

up to £100 Loss of Device Excess

up to £100 Overseas Claim Excess

The Excess for an iPhone X is £100; the Excess for an iPhone 8 & 8+; A Galaxy Note 9, A Galaxy 8 & 8+ is £75. For all other Gadgets the Excess is £50.