Macbook Insurance

Why should I insure my Macbook?

From the slender MacBook Air to the powerful and practical MacBook Pro range, Apple’s laptops are not only stylish and desirable but are also portable and practical. And these are all good reasons for owners to consider insuring their MacBook rather than facing the risk of a worrying range of potential disasters. Dropping it, treading on it, getting it wet; these are mishaps that befall high-end Apple computers on a daily basis. And if you are a seasoned gadget owner then you will know just how easy it is for damage to occur. Repairing or replacing a MacBook will cost hundreds of pounds, or could leave you with a higher home insurance premium to pay if you make a claim on an existing policy. MacBook insurance from has been specifically designed to protect it.

You will be covered against

Accidental Damage

Should you break your MacBook, perhaps as a result of a drop or scrape, will cover the expense of getting it repaired.


You're covered on Silver and Gold policies if your device is stolen. Where only part or parts of your device have been stolen, we will only replace that part or parts.

Liquid damage

Should fluids find their way into the body of your MacBook and cause some damage, it will be repaired for you.

Worldwide Cover

With cover from you will benefit from MacBook travel insurance for any trips you take to destinations outside of the UK.

Mechanical Breakdown

You can make a claim if your MacBook stops working as a result of a hardware malfunction, with the costs for repair covered. This applies even if it is outside of the manufacturer’s warranty period.

Family Cover

Other members of the household, including spouses, children and parents, can use your MacBook. It will still be protected by your policy.

Are there any excess charges?

up to £100 UK Excess

up to £100 Loss of Device Excess

up to £100 Overseas Claim Excess

The Excess for an iPhone X is £100; the Excess for an iPhone 8 & 8+; A Galaxy Note 9, A Galaxy 8 & 8+ is £75. For all other Gadgets the Excess is £50.