Why should I insure my Microsoft Xbox?

Your Xbox is likely to be the hub for many of your day-to-day interactive experiences. In the unfortunate event that it becomes damaged, is stolen or develops a fault, you will not only be losing a console, but you may lose access to your entire library of games. This is why insurance from gadgetbuddy.com can represent such great value.

You will be covered against

Accidental Damage

If your Xbox suffers accidental damage of any kind, repairs can be carried out by gadgetbuddy.com.


You're covered on Silver and Gold policies if your device is stolen. Where only part or parts of your device have been stolen, we will only replace that part or parts.

Deliberate Damage

If someone willfully damages your Xbox, gadgetbuddy.com insurance will cover you for whatever work is required in the aftermath.


If the red ring of death shows up or any other mechanical fault occurs when the warranty is no longer valid, the cost of repair can be mitigated thanks to gadgetbuddy.com Xbox insurance.

Liquid Damage

If liquid is spilt on your Xbox and it stops working as a result, you can make a claim to have it fixed or replaced.


You're covered on Gold if you lose your device. We will provide you with a replacement device.

Are there any excess charges?

up to £100 UK Excess

up to £100 Loss of Device Excess

up to £100 Overseas Claim Excess

The Excess for an iPhone X is £100; the Excess for an iPhone 8 & 8+; A Galaxy Note 9, A Galaxy 8 & 8+ is £75. For all other Gadgets the Excess is £50.