Terms and Conditions

Welcome to gadgetbuddy's Terms and Conditions. Please read these T&Cs carefully and be aware that amendments can be made to them at any given time. So to ensure you stay up to date with any revisions to gadgetbuddy.com T&Cs, make sure you visit this page periodically to read updates about using the site and buying a policy with gadgetbuddy.com

About our product

This gadget insurance will suit the demands and needs of an individual who is seeking to protect their gadgets against accidental damage, breakdown and malicious damage or overseas cover. You can purchase higher tiers of cover which provide additional benefits such as Theft, fraudulent text and data call usage and Loss. Our gadget insurance is only suitable for you if:

  • You reside in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man
  • Anyone using the gadget resides with you
  • You did not purchase your gadget from an online auction site; or as second hand
  • You have valid proof of purchase and ownership
  • The gadget is less than 18 months old
  • The gadget was purchased inside the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man

Your rights

If you are not happy with the policy that you have purchased then you may cancel the insurance, without giving reason, by sending written notice to the administrator and returning the insurance documents within 14 days of purchase. Cover will terminate upon receipt of your notice of cancellation by the administrator.

If you pay your premium monthly on a monthly basis, there will be no refund of your premium because you will only have paid for the cover you have already received.

If you have an annual policy for which you pay an annual premium once a year, in the event of cancellation after your 14 day cooling off period, then provided no claim has been made you will receive a proportionate refund of the annual premium less an administration fee, charged by the administrator, equal to 25% of the annual premium with a minimum fee applying of £10.


Customer Loyalty

For gadgetbuddy.com, the customer is at the heart of what we do, which is why we strive to reward our customers with products which continue to give value for money. What's more, we know that costs can add up where gadgets are involved, especially when new gadgets are being released into the market almost every day, which is why we also continue to provide discounts upon renewal. In additional to this, we provide continuous cover at renewal even though your gadget will be older than 18 months. We believe that it is important to reward your confidence in gadgetbuddy through spreading the gadgetbuddy.com love.

Marketing Opt-out

At gadgetbuddy.com we know how annoying it can be to receive junk emails in your inbox containing advertisements and junk. As a result we will only send emails when we have something that we can offer you. If you do not wish to receive any information about gadgetbuddy marketing, offers or promotions then you have the option to opt-out. You can do this by contacting gadgetbuddy.com either by telephone on 0800 091 2832 or by email admin@gadgetbuddy.com. If you receive emails from us they will always contain a link to be able to opt out from receiving any further emails too.

Please note that we will always send emails about the renewal of your policy as this is a requirement of the Financial Conduct Authority. You cannot opt out of this process.